The Philippine Aerospace Development Corporation (PADC) was established in 1973 as the government’s arm for the development of the Philippine Aviation Industry. The driving motives for its establishment are self-reliance, national security and technology transfer. PADC established a maintenance, repair and overhaul center for Allison 250 series turbine engines, as well as Lycoming and Continental piston engines up to four hundred (400) HP rating. As the Allison Authorized Maintenance and Overhaul Center (AMOC) in the Philippines, PADC undertook the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program on the overhaul of the Allison 250-C30 engines of the Sikorsky helicopters and the Allison 250-B17 engines of the Nomads, for the Philippine Air Force.

In addition, PADC maintains a complete facility for the repair and overhaul of piston engine, fuel accessories, landing gears and propellers bearing the Hartzell, Mc Caulley and Hamilton brands.PADC has gained wide experience in aircraft assembly, fabrication and structural repair. To date, PADC’s major accomplishments include the assembly of forty-four (44) BO-105 helicopters and sixty-seven (67) BN Islander aircraft under a licensing agreement with Messerchemitt Bolkow Blohm (MBB) of Germany and Pilatus Britten Norman (PBN) of England, respectively. In a joint venture with Agusta / SIAl Marchetti of Italy, PADC completed the assembly of eighteen (18) units SF 260 TP single-engine turbo-prop trainer aircraft and twenty-four (24) S-211 jet trainers for the Philippine Air Force.

PADC also completed the assembly of six (6) units Lancair ES and two (2) units Lancair IV aircraft for the Philippine National Police. Other major accomplishments include the repair of four (4) units DC9 aileron trim tabs, manufacturing of ten (10) units SF-260 vertical fin, Inspection Repair as Necessary (IRAN) of two (2) units F-27 Fokker Aircraft. Up to the present, PADC continues to do the IRAN for the BN Islander Aircraft Series. Aside from manufacturing, PADC is also an exporter of helicopter components, i.e. helicopter tail boom and fiberglass components. PADC has also accomplished Non-traditional projects, which include the manufacturing of one thousand (1,000) units Fiberglass chicken feeders and fifty (50) units Fiberglass bus panels. PADC is an attached agency of the Department of Transportation (DOTr). DOTr Secretary sits as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. A highly trained and experienced technical workforce, many of whom were trained abroad, are employed by PADC. Its facilities are located in the General Aviation Area at the Manila Domestic-Airport.